Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association |

Cooperative Maine | building a democratic community rooted in community

Davistown Museum | Liberty Tool Co |  Jonesport Wood Co.

A Vision For The CommonsDavistown Rising! | by Maia Campoamor

Justice Rising | Spring 2009 | Alliance for Democracy | Page 8 | PDF 

Draft Animal Power NETWORK

Maine Primitive Skills School • Augusta, Maine

MAINE Cooperative Extension | 4-H | University of Maine

College of the Atlantic | Maine Community College System

Goodwill-Hinkley School of Natural Science | Gould Academy

FEDCO Seeds  |  Food for Maine's Future  |  Eat Local Maine Food Coalition

Washburn-Norlands Living History Center

Maine Historical Society | Maine Maritime Museum

CHARTING DEMOCRACY: Navigational Aids for Sustainable Organizing 

National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation |

Cultural Creatives and the Emerging Planetary Wisdom Culture

Donella Meadows Institute | Designing Systems for a Sustainable & Desirable World

Intentional Communities |

School Of Integrated Living (SOIL) |

Sustainable Communities online |

UBUNTU | Unity & Higher Consciousness for a New World

Whole Earth |

Linda Stout

Meg Wheatley

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