Thursday, April 23, 2015

Whole New Maine NETWORK

People living in cities or subrural areas who seek to form communities in other subrural areas can form general community groups in the communities in which they find themselves.

These general community groups can provide general support in formation of specific community projects for eventual launch in rural, subrural, or other city areas.

This allows specific community projects to develop more fully to avoid premature launch due to desperation or lack of preparation.

Also, people in subrural & rural communities will need occasional hospitality in cities - visits, appointments, medical, supplies, equipment, events, gatherings, etc.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Welcome to a Whole New Maine!

A virtual gathering point for people to collect & connect with other people who seek to work together to develop potential for whole new communities for a WHOLE NEW MAINE!  Ultimately, we will actualize a WHOLE NEW MAINE!

A resource base to develop potential.

A stable & sustainable platform to launch and support actualized whole new communities throughout Maine.

A communications network.

A virtual workshop.

A virtual incubator to facilitate sustainable community development & maturation.

A place to do things differently so that we can expect different results.

A place to honor humanity, wholeness, and quality OVER lack of humanity, lack of wholeness, and quantity.

A place to balance wisdom & spirit with technology & material.

A place to gather and to think and to feel and to be and to act "outside of the box".

A place to practice intentional humanity, intentional community, and intentional systems.

A place to gather and to honor and to use the best of the old & the best of the new!